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Dark Wood Panels

Our Work

We understand the importance of treating every project with the same precision and care in order to consistently foster a five-star flooring experience. We pride ourselves in guaranteeing great workmanship and friendliness from our installation partners. Our installation partners must fit into our cultural outlook that pertains to transparency and integrity on every project. Family Flooring Concepts understands the importance of prepping the floor, using the correct setting materials or underlayment, and other key components to a successful flooring installation. We install the correct way from start to finish to ensure the integrity of every project. Our sales, design, and installation team work together to create a beautiful flooring outcome that transforms homes and businesses to their full potential. We also like to keep in mind the importance of the key factors of a great flooring install that you do not see after the floor is laid. Below are a few of our many installs of our products. 

Picture of waterproof floor.
Goya Waterproof Floor
Designers Top Pick 
Picture of waterproof laminate.
Picture of laminate flooring.

Waterproof Laminate

This beautiful waterproof flooring with matching quarter round was installed in a home in Houston, TX. This floor has the ability to make a space look bigger, and pull from an array of colors, while serving as a perfect contrast to furniture and fixtures. The correct installation of this floor begins with the correct floor prep method and underlayment choice.

Coretec Plus 5"

We are proud to actually have serviced all over the Greater Houston area. This Coretec plus 5" Acacia waterproof floor was installed in The Woodlands, TX. The rich acacia look coupled with the waterproof capability is great for a family looking for a high level of variation that is easy to clean. This customer decided to have us install the staircase displaying the white riser. 

Picture of Coretec Plus flooring installed.
A picture of Coretec Plus Gold Coast Acacia.
A picture of luxury vinyl plank flooring with high variation.
A picture of luxury vinyl plank flooring on a staircase.

High Variation

This floor captures the eye with its unique rustic high variation look. This flooring project was installed in Katy, TX. The installation team took extra time and care when strategically placing the planks in a manner that highlighted the floors movement. Family Flooring Concepts always delivers a beautiful stair install. 

Transitional Waterproof

This beautiful waterproof wood look floor was installed in Katy, TX. This floor is unique as it gives you a grayish look with moderate variation that can conform to traditional and modern decor. The staircase was beautifully installed using the correct type of matching stair nose. 

A picture of Lawson flooring luxury vinyl plank.
A picture of Lawson waterproof flooring on a staircase.
A picture of easy to clean flooring.
A picture of wide plank waterproof flooring.

Traditional Waterproof

This traditional waterproof laminate floor has a beautiful brown and light brown variation, with deep bevels that let each plank really stand out from each other. This floor was installed just south of Houston and has become a customer favorite. 

Modern Grey Wood-Look

This stunning grey floor is popular for many reasons. The light and medium grey variation classifies this floor as a happy expression. This means it can brighten up dark homes with minimal light, and makes spaces look bigger. As shown in these two homes in the pictures, this floor is neutral and can complement most cabinet color selections. 

A picture of modern luxury vinyl plank flooring.
A picture of the correct way to install vinyl plank flooring.
A picture of rustic vinyl plank flooring.
A picture of a rustic waterproof floor.

Barnyard Rustic

This rustic look looks great with an array of colors and styles. The rustic variation gives opportunity for colorful accents with furniture and art pieces. This unique floor was installed on Galveston Island. Its waterproof capabilities are perfect for coming inside your home from the beach or pool. 

A picture of a unique vinyl plank flooring idea.
A picture of a staircase with a flush stair nose.

This floor features an amazing grey and brownish movement. This movement with the matching stair noses allows the staircase to become the focal point of the home. This floor was installed in Cypress, TX. 

Unique Brownish-Grey 

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